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This is a list of the most dangerous Dark Challenges. 

If you hear of any others, please contact us with the challenge. We will research it                            and add it to this list to warn others of the new danger. 

** New Challenge:  Boat Challenge

This challenge has people jumping or diving off of the back of a speeding boat.  It has been reported that because of this challenge, some kids have suffered a broken neck and other bones, wind knocked out of them (which is extremely dangerous while in the water), concussion, dislocated body parts and even drowning.  

** New Challenge:  Angel of Death Challenge

The name of this challenge should give enough of a warning.  What this challenge has people doing is running out in front of traffic and stopping in oncoming traffic (the bigger the vehicles, the better (truck, bus, etc.).  The way to win this challenge is the truck or other vehicle stops before it hits you.  Sounds crazy and stupid, but people are actually doing it!!  The obvious possible injuries up to and including death are the potential results, not to mention the possible physical and mental damage that the person doing this challenge most likely will cause the driver of the vehicle.

*** Rated Most Deadly Challenge *** Choking Challenge (aka Blackout, Passout or Fainting Challenge and now called Scarf Challenge)

This challenge gets a person to choke themself or someone else until they pass out. The has become one of the most dangerous / deadly Dark ChallengesThis challenge has caused teens and pre-teens to go into comas, get brain damage, and even death.  

Benadryl Challenge

This challenge has someone take an excessive amount of the allergy medicine at one time.  The reason for this is to try to alter their state of mind and possibly hallucinate.  This challenge has caused children to develop serious heart problems, seizures, coma and death.

Skull breaker Challenge

This involves a group of people, usually three, jumping next to each other; two of them kick out the third's feet from under them, causing them to fall backwards on their head. Many injuries have been reported because of this challenge such as: concussion, coma, dislocated joints, broken back, neck and other bones, skull fractures, brain damage, paralysis, and death.

Fire Challenge

Pouring flammable liquid on your body and lighting it.  Sounds pretty dumb, right?  Kids are doing it, though.  Needless to say, first, second & third degree burns have been reported by this challenge.  As well as nerve damage, and kids that have burnt to death.  Anyone who has gotten burned before knows how painful a burn is.  Imagine how painful it is to burn to death.

Cha Cha Slide challenge

This challenge has people following the directions to the DJ Casper's cult favorite song Cha Cha Slide where teen drivers swerved their cars in tandem with the song's lyrics "slide to the left, slide to the right" and "criss-cross."

This has caused many near misses and plenty of car accidents that have caused many different injuries up to and including death.

Penny Challenge

This challenge has someone slide a penny in between a wall electrical outlet and a plug that is not fully plugged in. This challenge has been know to cause electrocution and fire that has caused severe injuries up to and including death. 

Milk Crate Challenge

In this challenge a person is to set up a bunch of flimsy milk crates in the shape of stairs and walk or run up and down them.  This challenge has caused:  broken and/or dislocated bones, torn ligaments and tendons, concussion, severed spine, severed nerves, broken neck, paralysis, fractured skull, coma, brain damage, and even death. 

Salt & Ice Challenge

Pouring salt over a part of your body and holding ice on it for some time.  This has been known to cause frostbite very quickly.

Salt Challenge

Guzzling a whole mouthful of salt at once.  Reports have shown that this challenge is the cause of many health risks such as dehydration, confusion, and nausea due to the sudden spike in sodium levels. Extreme cases have led to people suffering from seizures or entering a comatose state.

Nyquil Chicken (aka Sleepy Chicken) Challenge 

Marinating and cooking chicken in Nyquil Cold and Flu Medicine (sounds nasty, doesn't it?). By cooking the medicine will dose anyone around with medicine because of the fumes while it cooks down the water and alcohol in the medicine, making the medicine left on the chicken to be concentrated.  This has caused many medical problems such as:  food poisoning, overdose of drugs, raised blood pressure, heart attack and death. 

Coronavirus Challenge

Licking something out in public, like at a store, and putting it back on the shelf in front of other people.  This challenge does not cause any physical harm, however, it has caused pandemic panic.  People who have done this have gone up on engaging in terroristic activities charges and convicted.  

The Eye Challenge

This has you put a Ziploc bag of jelly, hand sanitizer, bleach, and shaving cream, near their eye, claiming that it would change its color. This has caused people to suffer from chemical burns around the eyes and eye damage up to and including blindness.

Blue Whale Challenge

Series of five dangerous challenges within five months, each with it's own set of possible consequences and each more dangerous than the one before.  The final challenge is to delete all traces of the challenge and commit suicide.  Results are obvious!

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