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About Us

Logan was the kind of son that everyone would have loved to have.  There were many causes that he took part in, as long it helped out others.  He was on honor society in school, was an ambassador there.  If you met him only once, he touched your life.  He was a great friend, son, brother and was a hero to many, including his parents.

 11 days before his 17th birthday peer pressure got Logan to try a "Dark Challenge" one night.  He fell victim to the choking challenge. He had never tried anything like this before, and he only tried it once.  That was enough for things to go horribly wrong! While choking, he hit the pressure point in his neck, causing him to pass out while choking.  This wound up costing him his life.

Police claimed that the way that our son died is no uncommon, but it is unheard of.  I decided that this needed to change!

Logan taught us about the type of person that we want to be.  It is in his memory that we launched Logan's Light Foundation and keeping his legacy alive!  

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