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Logan was the most loving, caring, and helpful soul that has ever existed.  It is truly amazing how many people’s lives that he touched.  He was always there to help anyone who needed it and would give anyone the shirt off his back.  Easiest way to explain Logan is that if you met him only one time and talked to him once, he touched your heart. He was not your “normal” child.  Logan was always polite, sweet, and respectful.  Every teacher that Logan ever had has told us multiple times that Logan was a pleasure to have. 

      Logan prided himself by volunteering his time to help others.  His volunteer work included:  junior firefighter (where he earned CPR certification), local community activity center, Volunteer Club, Toys for Tots, local church missions to help out victims of natural disasters,

     He was a cub scout and was one of the first lion scouts when the BSA tried to incorporated CSA for boys in kindergarten.   Logan had an outstanding record for helping with fundraising.  His fundraising experience ranged from the cub scouts, American Legion, VFW, Toys for Tots, the church and his middle and high school.

     Logan had a passion for helping others through good times and bad.  This includes:  donating to families of friends that suffered loss, standing up for people being bullied; suicide prevention – including saving friends that were thinking suicide or hurting themselves by getting them help; peer helping through the school and helping the school with ideas to make school better.

          Logan had great plans for his future.  Everything that he did made his entire family proud.  He was an Ambassador at his school from 2017 to the day of his departure.  He was truly a miracle.  He spoke for great causes throughout his life.  He was interviewed twice by the local news station for his causes and on the radio

          In the short time that Logan has been here with all of us, he was part of and did more things than most people do in an entire lifetime.  We are and will always be proud of our son Logan.  I am sure that you are back up there in heaven as an angel looking over us.  He was our pride and joy and is the cause of me being the person that I am today.  He was and will always be my hero!  We will miss you for the rest of our lives, our miracle, our angel, our hero!  Go with God and watch over us until we meet again. We love You!

Logan's Story

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